Body Treatments


Relaxation Massage

60 MIN 90 MIN
$85. $105.

This massage will relax your mind and body using a variety of smooth and lengthy techniques. Customize your pressure and modality to fully personalize your massage. Provide your main concerns, and we will treat the areas affecting your performance.


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

60 MIN 90 MIN
$105. $125.

Designed for those in need of serious work. This treatment typically needs a longer session to provide the best results. It focuses on specific areas of muscle tightness using deep pressure to ease pain and tension. Recommended to those who have chronic pain, sports related soreness/pain, or limited range of motion. You will also receive a combination of stretches during your treatment.


Head, Neck, & Shoulders

30 MIN

This is a fast and relaxing treatment for those feeling stressed or tense in the upper body. You will feel rejuvenated and revitalized ending with a relaxing scalp massage.


Hot Stone Massage

60 MIN 90 MIN
$95. $135.

This massage is a blend of smooth rhythmic techniques and stones blend together with nourishing oils and therapeutic heat for perfect rejuvenation. These stones are usually placed onto specific points on the body.


Body Scrub + Custom Massage

90 MIN 120 MIN
$150. $200.

This full body scrub and massage service will leave you feeling pampered with hydration and relaxation. Choose your blend of body scrub and enjoy a customized massage.


Enjoy a full body assisted stretch session along with the hyper volt massage device. This device is the newest vibration technology in the market. It releases tension in the muscles

Full Body Stretch + Hypervolt

30 MIN 60 MIN
$65. $95.


Massage Enhancement


Hot towels


Heat therapy will facilitate your massage. The heat will help your muscles to gently unwind and relax. Goes well with a Deep Tissue Massage.




Essential oils are absorbed through the skin and can promote whole-body healing. Aromatherapy can help relieve migraines, reduce stress and clear sinuses. Add this to any massage.


Warm Stones


Warm stones will be used to massage your back and neck.  The heat from the stones will ease any tension in your muscles for complete relaxation. Goes well with our relaxation massage.


The Hypervolt is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration device that relaxes sore stiff muscles, increases circulation and range of motion, and improves the overall health of the body’s soft tissue. You will leave feeling like jello and energized.

Hypervolt Tool (Vibration Therapy)



Full Body Scrub


A full body deep exfoliation treatment using sugar, coconut oil, and aromatherapy. The results will leave your skin feeling hydrated and baby butt soft!